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Back in 1998 when Microsoft released DirectX 6 Media SDK, it featured a set of DirectX Transforms from Metacreations. These were a few fanciful transitions and effects one could presumably apply to still images to enhance web sites. However these demanded a lot of processing power to work in real time and proved too expensive for the standard PCs of that time. The idea failed big time and in a couple of years the company went out of business (may be not only because of this)!

These demo transitions remained part of some later releases of DirectX and Internet Explorer but then suddenly disappeared when IE 5.5 came out. However these  can be resurrected back to life by implanting the old DirectX DLLs.

Incidentally these seem to be very suitable for use as Windows Movie Maker transitions due to the non-real time nature of Movie Maker and because the average PC's processing power has increased many folds since 1998.


WARNING: Please note that a few (less than 1%) users have reported that installing the following files have caused system wide unstability. Please note that these are completely unsupported files so install them on your own risk. At the least make sure you have System Restore active so that you can undo these changes if needed.

Description License Download

XML file outlining Metacreations Transitions plus corresponding icons


(320 Kb)

Relevant DLLs as provided by DirectX 6 Media SDK.

DirectX 6 Terms and Conditions Apply

(1 Mb)

Legal Notice:

These transitions were originally released as demo software by Metacreations and applied a watermark over the images/clips when the transitions were played. Removal of this watermark requires special codes to be supplied as a parameter in the xml file. The legality of this action is not clear.

My attempts to request such permissions from Viewpoint (the descendant of Metacreations) have not been fruitful since they did not understand what software I required license for and told me that the Metacreations assets were sold away to different companies...

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