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Rehan Pan Zoom Effects is a custom effects package for Movie Maker 2. It allows you to apply Ken Burns style Pan and Zoom effects to your still photos and movie clips.

Most people use these to create stunning slideshows of the still photos.

Major Highlights of the package:

bullet Flexible xml interface: Fully customizable to specify any start and end pan-zoom rectangles.
bullet Simple alphabet grid to specify start and end regions
bullet Optimized bilinear filtering algorithm to maintain high pixel quality during zooms and pans.


15 Day Trial
Version 1.0.3 (25/07/2004)

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Freeware Version

The Trial version (1.0.3) will now remain usable in limited form after the trial period expires. The limitations are as follows:


slightly more frequent registration reminder (once in a 3 hours) and


a limited sampling resolution up to 320x240 without any filtering. (lower quality if used to make bigger size outputs.)


Additional package: Fixed Zooms

Flexible XML Interface:

Upholding the Movie Maker's working model, this package allows full control over modifying different parameters via the xml file. You can make any number of effects, specifying start and end positions of the panning and zooming actions.

A Pan Zoom action is defined by specifying two rectangles within the frame area. A rectangle is completely specified with three parameters X, Y and Size where (X,Y) is the top-left position of the rectangle relative to top left corner of the current image frame, and Size is the width or height as a percentage of frame's width or height.

In short the two rectangles are specified as:

Start rectangle = { X1, Y1, Size1 }
End rectangle = { X2, Y2, Size2 }

where each of the parameter can take following range of values:

Param Range Default Meaning
X1 0.0 to 1.0 0.0 left position of rectangle1 (start)
Y1 0.0 to  1.0 0.0 top position of rectangle1 (start)
Size1 0.0 to 1.0-max(x1,y1) 1.0 hor & vertical size of start rectangle
X2 0.0 to 1.0 0.0 end x position
Y2 0.0 to  1.0 0.0 end y position
Size2 0.0 to 1.0-max(x2,y2) 1.0 hor & vertical size of end rectangle

The values are relative to the frame size, so X1 = 0.5, specifies the middle of the frame in horizontal direction and Size1 = 1.0 means the full width or height. Size specifies both horizontal and vertical sizes as the aspect ratio is preserved.

Note: X, Y and Size values should be chosen so that they do not define a rectangle that goes outside the image dimensions, since it would result in wrap around effect.

Pan Portrait Down is a special pan action made specifically for those odd photos which one happens to take in portrait layout. Since the normal frame size to work in Movie maker is 4:3 landscape, these images would always show black borders on the sides. This action zooms exactly to fit the image width and then pans down, thus utilizing maximum usable portion of the image.

Alphabet grid icon :

Due to the customizable nature of this package, it can be used to produce any number of arbitrary pans and zooms, thus requiring infinite number of corresponding icons. To simplify this, this package features a single icon with an alphabet grid, so that one can easily specify start and end regions using the alphabets.

This working practice works out really well once got used to.

Obviously one can still make more traditional icons for specific actions. This can be done using the standard method as specified by Microsoft. For example the default package contains a different icon for a special pan action Pan Portrait Down.

Bilinear Filtering:

As soon one zooms into a picture, it starts to show pixilation. The output quality of zoomed pans reduces as the jaggies present their unsightly dance over the edges. This problem is made worse by the limitation of the interface provided by Movie Maker: it resizes each frame before sending it for processing to the internal engine or a plug-in. If the frame needs to be resized further for an effect, it looses quality twice.

This package overcomes the limitation significantly by using a modified form of bilinear filtering optimized for use with Movie Maker framework. This results in smooth zooms and pans and provides a pleasing viewing experience.

The results speak for themselves.


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