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More effects and transitions for Movie Maker...

RehanFX Shader Transitions and Effects for Vista Movie Maker.

ShaderTFX is a custom plug-in for Windows Movie Maker v6 (Vista). It extends the range of features available within Movie Maker by providing a framework for creating custom effects and transitions with shader files (.fx) and XML code (.xml). ShaderTFX is built on top of the new GPU processing architecture of Movie Maker in Vista and supplements the built-in effects architecture by extending it to be applied on Transitions as well as Effects.

ShaderTFX version 1.0 package comes with many useful effects and transitions bundled with the initial download. Many more custom effects and transitions can be freely downloaded as these become available.

The bundled TFX include:

· Advanced Chroma key (Greesnscreen/Bluescreen)

· PIP (Picture in Picture)

· Gradient Wipes / SMPTE wipes based on gradient images.

The extra packages that are available for downloaded include:

· Custom Overlay and Borders

· Split Video

· ColorMask and ColorPass filters



· ShaderTFX version 1.0.034 (Stable release for 32 bit)

· ShaderTFX version 1.1.045 (Beta release for 64 bit)

· May require installing DirectX and
the latest graphics card driver for your machine

(Please report to me any issues you encounter)












Extended Custom Effects and Transitions
(using ShaderTFX plugin)

· Patrick Leabo’s ever expanding list of effects and transitions

· Windows Movie Maker Forums list

· Blog: Split screen transitions


Windows Movie Maker showing some custom transitions provided with the ShaderTFX plugin.


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